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We have been receiving a lot of requests to cook with millets lately and based on popular demand we have added a few, We changed things up and are riding on the festive season to roll out :

1. Sweet Daliya
If you are new to Daliya, it is cracked or broken wheat prepared by coarsely milling whole wheat grains. It is derived from the fibrous husk of the wheat grain and is considered highly nutritious.

The texture of the dish is similar to Oats and it makes a great meal for breakfast and as a guilt-free dessert,

2. Millet Kheer
This kheer is made with Barnyard Millet. Also known as shyama in Bengali, moraiyo in Gujarati, sanwa rice in Hindi, oodalu in Kannada, kuthiraivolly in Tamil and udalu in Telugu , Barnyard millet tastes almost like broken rice when cooked

3. Peanut Sundal
A request from one of our owners. Sundals are a Tamil snack/side dish made with different dals, nuts, peas, mixed with grated coconut and tempered spices (tadka). also offered to the Hindu deities during poojas.

Following recipes have been improved based on feedback:

  • Steamed Rice
  • Egg Curry
  • Lauki Sabzi
  • Sabudana Khichdi
  • Masala Chai
  • DelishUp⤴️ Chai
  • Flavoured Buttermilk
  • Chicken Pulao
  • Poha
  • Paneer Korma

In addition, Veg Fried Rice has been deactivated. The feedback was significantly below our expectations and it needs a relook, so we are taking it down until then.

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4 New recipes added (includes 2 community created recipes)

Ridge Gourd Paneer Sabzi


Coconut Jaggery Laddoo


Community Created

Additionally, 2 recipes created and loved by our owners have been added for everyone to cook:

Parshuram’s Taalipeeth Dough


Anandi’s Sindhi Kadhi


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We added new recipes last week. Two of them were requested by our owners, one recipe is scaled up⤴️.
1] White Sauce Chicken Pasta:
White sauce also known as Bechamel sauce, is one among the mother sauces of French cuisine and is used as the base in many pasta dishes.

White Sauce Chicken Pasta is a bowl of chicken and veggies swimming in a super creamy white sauce—so delicious and heavenly. we highly recommend this recipe.
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2] Veg Manchow Soup:
Veg Manchow Soup is very popular hot soup from Indo-Chinese cuisine. Loaded with vegetables and overflowing with flavor. This hot and spicy veg soup is perfect for winters.
if you already tried this soup do not forget to share your experience with us!

3] Mushroom Risotto with Arborio Rice :
Arborio rice tops the list for making the best risotto. This short-grain rice has a special talent for soaking up lots of liquid, giving your risotto a creamy and hearty texture.
There are all kinds of tasty add-ins to risotto,and mushrooms are a top choice. Their earthy, savory flavor enhances the risotto, making it a perfect companion to main dishes.

One scaled Up⤴️ recipe: Paneer Pulao for 4

We added 3 new recipes this week:

1] Masoor Dal with Vegetables:
In Indian households, Masoor dal (Red Lentils) takes center stage—it’s a staple that effortlessly finds its way into our daily meals. Its versatility makes it a seamless fit for our regular diet, adding both nutrition and a touch of home to every dish.

2] Creamy Chicken Curry:
The dish is creamy and savory with a hint of spice. Serve it with steamed rice and garnish it with cilantro and you have the perfect dinner. Enjoy!

3] Creamy Potato Curry:
Potatoes are a versatile and widely used ingredient in Indian cuisine. They are incorporated into various dishes, providing a hearty and satisfying element to the meals. Creamy Potato Curry is simple, tasty, and comfort food. Perfectly paired with steamed rice or warm naan. do try this recipe and let us know your experience!

We added new recipes this week. Two of them were requested by our owners, and one recipe was modified.
1] Besan Milk :
As the cold season sets in, the craving for soul-warming delights becomes undeniable. Besan, or gram flour, is the heart of this delightful concoction. Known for its versatility, besan adds a unique nuttiness and creaminess to beverages, making Besan Milk a flavorful alternative to conventional drinks.

2] Sweet Corn Soup:
This classic comfort dish transcends seasons, offering a delicate balance of simplicity and rich flavors. Sweet Corn Soup.
With it’s velvety texture and sweet undertones, is a timeless favorite. The star of the show, sweet corn kernels, imparts a natural sweetness that transforms each spoonful into a comforting embrace.

3]Capsicum Curry is a modified recipe.