Modifying recipe instruction and steps

You can adjust recipe cooking settings while cooking to customize your adjust the recipe to your preference.

To adjust the cooking time of a recipe, follow these steps:

  1. Tap to view instructions of the desired step

  2. Click on the “edit” (pencil) button

  3. It should open an interface similar to Manual Mode. Modify temperature, cooking time, or blade speed as per your preference. You can also add/delete more instructions here, it will run it as serial instructions one after the other.

These modified instructions will be saved for this cooking session only. It will be reset the next time you open the recipe.

Note: For recipes created via ChefGPT, there will be an additional “MODIFY” option, which can be used to save these instructions permanently.

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ChefGPT recipes will be the ones we will experiment with. So if it saves that, then it is great.

But for already inbuilt recipes, there should be a permanent save or save as a copy option. Otherwise, we will have to make changes every time we cook that recipe, which does add more nuisance and time to the whole process.

For example, say I cook veg rice and made changes while cooking, and then tried that recipe 2 months later. By then I would probably forget what changes I had made the first time. Thus making the whole process obsolete.

I think saving it as a copy with an edited name will help. This way, the original recipe will remain intact on the machine.