Cooking A Recipe👩🏽‍🍳 - UI Walkthrough

Cooking a recipe is the primary functionality of the upliance. This post will explain all the features of the interface while cooking a recipe, page by page.

Title Page

When you first open the recipe, you can taken to the recipe title page.

The features/information on this page (top to bottom):

  1. Diet: Veg/Non-Veg/Egg
  2. Cuisine
  3. Recipe Name
  4. :clock4: Cooking Time Once you start cooking on the upliance,
  5. Preparation Time: if you need to prep before starting the cooking - like soaking, marinating ingredients
  6. Serving Size Choice: typically has options 1-4 people. Ingredients, cooking instructions will change based on this selection to increase/reduce quantities
  7. View Ingredients: to view all ingredients needed for the recipe
  8. Nutritional Info: which will provide calories, but also details on Fats/Carbs/Proteins
  9. Potential Allergens


Swiping is the primary way to scroll through the recipe. Swiping up/down take you where every you want to go.

A recipe page has the recipe title and the step name on top. Tapping on the step name will take you back to the title page.

On the left extreme, the progress bar makes sure that you are always aware of where you are on the recipe. Green bars represent completed sub-steps. You can tap/swipe on these to scroll through the recipe.

The main part of the screen is occupied by two things: detail on what to do in the step - adding ingredients, running an instruction, on the right.
On the Left there will be media or image to help you through this.

Steps and Sub-Steps

There are two main types of sub-steps today:


Ingredients guide you to prepare and add the ingredients.
The ingredients might need to be added into the jar of the upliance - in which case the card will be yellow, with a clear icon and “In the Jar” title (shown above).

Or it could be outside the Jar, in which case the type of location will be called out - and the card colour will be blue.

Each ingredient will have a clear name, prep, and measurements. Measurement will mostly be in grams (which can be tapped on the open the weighing scale), or spoons, which are provided with the upliance.

A tap on the ingredient allows you to open the “prep” popup, which gives you more details on the ingredient - including alternate names in regional languages, and videos on how to prepare it.


Instructions are actions performed after ingredients are added. These can be done inside the upliance jar by pressing the “START” button, these cards are coloured yellow.

Depending on the instruction, it might tell you to keep the crown on/crown off.
You can edit these instructions to customize, more details are on this thread

These instructions could also occur outside the upliance jar, in which case the cards are coloured blue, and the location will be called out in the title.

As simple as that. Now, you can get cooking!

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