Feature Requests

Drop a line on this thread on what Features you want on your upliance. We’ll add it to our roadmap.

Pssst… have the community vote on yours to push it up the ranks

upliance stays in my dining table and i need youtube in the tablet to watch some content :sunglasses::sunglasses:

It would be great if recipes are available on mobile app(https://app.upliance.ai/) too.

That way I won’t have to go to kitchen and see which recipe I should cook.

I can plan everything via my phone then start cooking.

*by recipe I mean all the steps and how much time approx each step will take and ingredients used, ingredient instructions.

It would be great if recipes are available on mobile app(https://app.upliance.ai/) too.

Definitely! We are building towards this, you should have it in the coming months.

Delishup stays in my dining table and i need youtube in the tablet to watch some content :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Haha! Not something we have in our plans :slight_smile:
We will see how we can keep you entertained while you are cooking though.

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Hey, the recipes on tablet have measurements like 1 small spoon / 2 large spoon.
Can you make them more specific? Given that you already provide measurement spoons it would be helpful if recipes also follow the same measurements.

Hey Nipun! Those are measurements for the spoons shared.

The three spoons are small, medium & large and the recipes are designed using them.

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Alrighty… !! It wasn’t that obvious. :slight_smile:
The spoons just mention it like 1/2 tsp 1 tsp and 1 tb sp.

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One more thing… it took me quite some time to clean the jar today. The food got burnt a bit and was way too sticky. Had a hard time cleaning it.
2 things come to my mind,

  • maybe if there was an option for a non-stick jar.
  • a small powerful cleaning brush with rotating bristles.

Please think over this.

Hardware changes like non-stick Jars and an additional attachment will take as a while to get around to testing and implementing. In the mean time, we have a couple of solutions.

There are two cleaning modes that you can use to help make the process easier : Rinse Mode (top right on the home screen) or the Deep Clean (you can find this as a recipe).

You can follow these instructions on how to use either one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxRguP75r6U

Our hack is to clean the Jar when it’s still warm after the Rinse step, since any food particles stuck will be easier to remove and you won’t need to scrub. Try these and let us know how it works.

Yep. I agree.

More feature requests.
Whenever looking for ingredients, there should be way to add item to shopping list, which can then be shared via email etc.
Another way to do this, is to select a few recipes and export list of ingredients (clubbing the common ones), so that one can plan their shopping for the entire week in a go.


Another idea is a recipe recorder.

I know there’s a manual mode. But it is not very intuitive. From experience we can say saute the onions until they turn golden, but cannot translate it to set temp for x degress, blade rotation to y level and for z minutes.
That’s hard.
It would be good if i can teach delish up how to cook by giving it instructions while i am cooking, which it saves it for future as a recipe.

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We have some rough versions of both requests alive on the app.

You can create a grocery list for individual recipes today (Full feature list here)

The combined grocery list is in the works. (I really want it too :slight_smile: I am terrible at shopping)

To create recipes, try it on the mobile app. It’s an evolving feature we recently launched.
Here is how to use it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvUGs1v_24I

I learnt to use manual mode, by copying instructions from existing recipes. It helped build a framework in my head on how to use the upliance. Until, we add more ‘mature’ versions of these features, give these a try and keep sharing your feedback.

when not cooking, the screen does not goes to sleep when inactive. can this be fixed?


It seems that pressing the power-off button on the tablet helps, but unfortunately, the screen still wakes up afterward. It would be beneficial for Upliance to consider implementing an option to either switch off the tablet entirely or automatically turn off the display after a few minutes of inactivity.

This feature is particularly crucial for situations where the gadget remains unused for extended periods. Excessive power cycling can potentially deteriorate the tablet’s battery life.

Adding this functionality would enhance the user experience and prolong the lifespan of the device.

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I experimented with the chili garlic recipe using Wai Wai noodles yesterday, but unfortunately, the result was soggy, despite following the recipe meticulously. I believe the last step, which required cooking for 14 minutes, may have contributed to this issue.

It would greatly improve the cooking experience if there were settings available to customize the cooking duration, allowing users to experiment with different cooking times and achieve their desired texture.

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I also tried the recipe and my experience was same. i thought it’s because I used maggi noodles. I second the thought that there should be a way to customize existing recipe. Maybe like use an existing recipe to create a new, unlike the current method where you need to start from scratch and the generated recipe is very basic one.


An auto ‘Sleep mode’ is in the works. It’s part of our features roadmap this year.

For now, you can put it sleep using the ‘power’ button on the top of the touchscreen. It won’t come back on unless you interact with


@S_K Oh no! This is actually one of my favourite recipes on the upliance. I will have the team check to see why it’s soggy.

To customise a recipe, while you cook it. Use the ‘Tap to view instructions’ prompt and this screen will show up

If you tap on the ‘Pencil/Edit’ button you can customise the time, or any of the other instructions.

You can also create your own recipes on the Mobile app. Here is how you can build them : https://youtu.be/gvUGs1v_24I?si=GUeek1e_mmRXbwTH&t=23

If you are having any trouble using the app or want specific instructions to customise your recipe while cooking, use the ‘Call Me’ feature in the chatbot and someone from the team will call you in <5 minutes.


The custom changes goes away next time… maybe if there’s a save-as option to save your version it would be helpful. I need a better recipe maker honestly speaking… this one in video is very cumbersome to use. It does not work on desktop web, and on phone it’s not a native app. UI is ok UX is bad. sorry.