Feature Requests

Current recipe creator is quite basic - I agree. We will add more features to it and make it more usable in the coming releases.

Can you add our receipt request we submitted in Google form …status of request under my profile in the app. So that we know what’s happening on our request

Is it possible to add a multiple-account feature to the Web app? - currently, I have to log in to my wife’s phone, and with two-step verification, it isn’t easy sometimes.

Enabling multiple accounts. easy for multiple users to manage the system.

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The step completion alarm should be on mobile also.
The ingredients of next step should be on mobile with exact proportions.

Today, we don’t have multiple profile support to login to the one upliance. However, you can create multiple accounts and view recipes on your phone by directly visiting app.upliance.ai, just that the favourites, recipes you create won’t be synced with the device.

lets say I am making palak paneer, and I did buy groceries according to that, but then sometimes weight differences can happen, when I was cooking it, the spinach was less weight than required, it was 154 grms instead of 200 grams, now if I add 500 grams of water to it, it becomes too watery and I am not sure the device compensates for the extra water, so in the UI software, there has to be an option to increase or decrease the weight of any food item, and the other ingredients adjust to the weight of that food item. And another, we need spicy option for each food item, I mean to say, in just a single click in the UI the ingredients should change accordingly to add extra spice or less spice for the food

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Great suggestions! Customizing recipes based on taste is definitely on the roadmap. Today, ChefGPT chatbot can suggest you some customizations

I second the non-stick jar because it means we can cook even without oil or very little oil.

I have just purchased a dosa maker to work as a combo with Delishup, which can create dosas, parathas, pancakes, and crepes. It is a non-stick appliance and makes cooking and cleaning very easy.

So work on a nonstick jar, which we can buy as an accessory. Maybe in a year, we should be able to buy one.

Also, the jar needs to have a plastic/ wooden handle accessory, which can be fitted on the side and used to lift the jar when it is hot. Lifting by holding the top edges, it could slip or you can touch the steel sides by mistake, thus burning the fingers, especially when the jar is more than 50% full.

I am not sure how practical a handle will be, once the machine reaches me, I will be able to tell better.

Cooked the infamous kadai paneer today and unlike what Namita said on the Shark Tank, the onions were properly cooked.

Here are new feature requests -

  1. Add a pattern lock screen on the tablet just like mobiles, so not everyone can access the tablet whenever they want. Make it optional - those who want it can activate the lock. Put it in the settings menu.

  2. While rinsing or deep cleaning, give a picture screen where it shows to remove the blade cover if already used.

I have made the paneer twice and forgot to remove the blade cover twice now while deep cleaning.

  1. Also, there is one issue of food gravy getting stuck to the bottom, and cannot be scraped out even with the spatula, especially when using besan in the recipe. We need the nonstick jar for this reason as well.

  2. The notification beep sounds thrice and then stops. It needs to continuously beep so if someone is in another room, s/he can still hear the beep, even after some time. If not continuous, then make it beep every 5 seconds.

Can u share the name of dosa marker.

  1. Can u add alert option in mobile app so we can get alerts in our app. Even linking with alexa, Google assistant is good. This is go to feature.

Reason I want to sit in my room and study or work and come to kitchen for next I step.

  1. Showing the cooking status in app is also an good feature. There is many applications in western markets with above features.

  2. We can create meal plan list in app, with calories etc. See I have healthify me. And I have an plan. So I can plan meals weekly and save the same. This are basic features and see meal preparation related.

  3. Allow modify of recipe and use of chef gpt in mobile app. Reason is simple it’s more easy and flexible to put instructions and ingredients in mobile than in tab of devices. So if I want to copy and paste instructions and ingredients into chef gpt from an website , I can donot easily.

I had discussed same in what’s app group.

Point 1 feature is really important so I can just come to kitchen to add next ingredient

I have sent you a DM. No need to promote other products in this thread.

We need notifications on the mobile app and the continuous beep on the delishUp.