User Guide: Conversations

How to read and manage conversations.

1. Replying

Clicking on any ‘Reply’ button will open the editor panel at the bottom of your browser, allowing you to compose your response while continuing to read or explore different topics.

Our community displays posts in chronological order, avoiding the complexity of multiple threaded paths. Yet, it offers various ways to help you follow the flow of conversations.

To reply to a particular post within a topic, simply click the ‘Reply’ button located at the end of that post, linking your response directly to it.

If you hit the close button after drafting a message, you can either discard, save draft for later or continue editing


2. Quoting

To include a quote, first highlight the specific text you want to quote, then click the Quote button that appears. You don’t have to quote an entire message; it’s more effective to be selective. You can follow the same process for multiple quotes, even if they come from various posts and different users. The quoted text will be attributed to its original source.

3. Mentioning

To alert someone about your response, simply mention their name. Begin by typing the “@” symbol to start selecting a username. This search function also checks name fields, which can be helpful if you’re not familiar with a specific username.