Upliance owners' reviews

A few screenshots of reviews from upliance owners:

Being from Kerala, I have always wanted to have Pineapple Pulissery on the menu. Never knew how to cook it, and when alone at home during Covid, I have tried many a time to cook it - all ending in disasters.

I bought the upliance in August and was delighted to know the team would accept requests for any recipes that you wished for. Wasting no time, I submitted a request, and was pleasantly surprised when they incorporated it to the already huge recipe list available.

I have cooked it multiple times in the past two months and every time, it has been picture perfect. I am confident enough now to have this dish made and served in a traditional Sadya.

Purchasing upliance was a spur-of-the-moment decision, but it has now changed the way I look at my diet. I have been loving the experience of cooking good healthy food.


Loved Pav bhaji