Taking the upliance abroad

The upliance has been built and tested for India, so it is only available for purchase and delivery in India.

Taking upliance outside India is at your own risk, and our service and warranty terms will not be applicable.
On-call customer support will be available during India working hours.

That said, we have several customers who have taken it abroad and have been using it successfully. There are a few factors to consider before doing this.


Most of our customers have found that upliance can be transported easily in the check-in luggage without much issue. Keep in mind that the screen has a battery inside, which could be a problem for some airlines, so you should check with yours before you arrive at the airport. The screen is not removable.

Voltage and Frequency

Since it is built in India, for India - upliance requires a 230V, 50Hz power supply. So if your destination country has the same voltage standard, you should not have an issue with the right plug adaptor.

Caution: Do not turn on the upliance until you have read this article and you have taken into account the scenarios mentioned.

Couple of places to look at what the voltage standards across the world are:

If you find that your destination country follows a different standard, here is what you can do:

If the Frequency is different: upliance can work with 60Hz power supply too. You will not need to do anything additional to get started.

If the Voltage is different: If the voltage is 220-240V, no additional changes are needed.

If the voltage is the 110V range, you will need to use a transformer to step up the voltage to 220V. USA, Canada, among other countries, fall into this category.
Here is are some transformers which some of our customers have found that have worked well for them:
2000 Watt Voltage Converter Transformer Step Up/Down
UMI 2400W Step Up Voltage 110v to 220v Converter

Note: we have not tested these transformers, so we cannot provide an official recommendation.

Recipes and Cooking

The recipes have been developed and tested in India, so you might have variable results depending on your location.
The geography, environmental conditions, type, and quality of ingredients available can all influence the outcome of your cooking, so be sure to adjust accordingly!

That’s it! Let us know if you have gone through this and if you have any notes or comments.