Status Bar Explained

The status bar at the bottom of your upliance screen is the key to how you navigate the interface. Here is a quick explainer.

(left to right)
1. upliance logo: This is your “Home Button”. Press from anywhere to return to the home page where you can see the list of recipes.

2. Jar status: This will tell you whether your lid and jar are in place.
Two green ticks mean that both of them are locked. Yellow! icon means that they are not in place. If there are neither yellow or green icons on the greyed out jar icon, it probably means that your upliance is not powered on.


3. Blade and temperature: This will show you current blade speed and temperature. A light orange breathing animation is shown when an instruction is in progress.


4. Mini-player: The Mini-Player helps you keep track of your recipe progress even if you navigate out of the your currently active step or recipe - might be because you want to look at future steps, or you want to browse other recipes. It will show you the progress summary right on the status bar, and tapping on it will bring you to where you left off the recipe.


Long pressing on the mini-player will give you the following options so you can stop the instruction/entire recipe without returning to your step.

5. Weighing scale: Quickly access weighing scale from anywhere


6. Wifi: Shows current wifi strength, and tapping on it allows you to open the wifi settings screen.


7. Time: Shows you the current time

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