Sattvic recipes on upliance

The Sattvic diet is inspired by Ayurveda. It is considered to be high in nutrient-rich plant foods and low in processed and fried foods. Sattvic food is always freshly made. Fresh fruits, dry fruits, grains and legumes like rice and dal, milk and milk products are all part of the sattvic diet.

Sattvic food is often consumed during fasting. The recipes focus on gentle and simple cooking methods to preserve the natural qualities and flavours of the ingredients. They typically use minimal spices and oil. That is the main difference between traditional vegetarian food and sattvic food.

Following are some upliance recipes that are sattvic friendly:

1] Beans Sabzi

Beans Sabzi, is a simple and flavorful dish. And we make getting it right easy with a one-tap ‘Tadka’ and controlled heating. Achieving the desired tenderness while retaining their vibrant green colour made easy.

We also recommend tossing the cooked French beans with fresh grated coconut.

Beans Sabzi_upliance

2] Ridge Gourd Paneer Sabzi:

Ridge Gourd, also known as luffa or turai in some parts of India. upliance Ridge gourd Paneer sabzi is a perfect example of a Sattvic-friendly recipe. It’s also a great way to balance a seasonal vegetable with dairy, increasing the protein in a vegetarian meal.

We keep the recipe simple by using only a handful of spices and herbs - curry leaves, jeera, mustard, coriander powder and garam masala for flavour and turmeric for some added colour.

Ridge Gourd Paneer Sabzi_upliance

3] Jain Kadhi:

India offers a variety of Kadhis, the most popular being the Punjabi variety with pakoras.
The upliance Kadhi is inspired by the Gujarati variant.

A perfect balance of sweet sour and tangy, the recipe is quick to make and easy to finish. However, it’s harder to make than it seems with cooking the flour without burning it and getting the consistency right. And is it even a Kadhi if it’s too watery?!

With upliance you don’t have to worry, just use a weighing scale to get the portions right. You can trust the upliance to cook and thicken the gravy without any monitoring and completely hands-free. We also swap out besan for wheat flour instead, but you can swap the two out.

Jain Kadhi_upliance

4] Jain Lauki Sabzi

Bottle Gourd, Lauki, has been cooked for more than 9000 years - from China to Africa and the Americas. For an ancient vegetable, we are always looking for new ways to cook it.

Our Jain variant of the side dish can double up as a Sattvic meal too.

Jain Lauki Sabzi_upliance

5] Beetroot Palya

Beetroot Palya, is a delicious South Indian side dish made with beetroots, grated coconut, and a blend of aromatic spices.

Grating and handling beetroot can be a bit messy and time-consuming, with upliance all you have to do is toss them in and hit ‘Chop’. The upliance will take care of grating, stirring, sautéing and you’ll have your perfect Sattvic friendly recipe ready!

Betroot Palya_upliance

6] Bitter Gourd Sabzi

Bitter gourd, Karela, Sabzi might not be everyone’s favourite but for those who love the vegetable it’s a quick and easy to cook addition to a weeknight dinner.

upliance Bitter gourd sabzi is cooked with spices to balance the bitterness and create a delicious and nutritious side dish. We also recommend soaking the cut Bitter gourd with salt for 10-15 minutes to cut the bitterness.

Bitter Gourd Sabzi_upliance

If you are following a Sattvic diet or looking to add new vegetables to your diet, we’ve got your back.