Recipe Requests πŸ“‹

Hello! We know you want more recipes, more variety and something new everyday on the table. Tell us what you would like to cook and the kinds of meals we might be missing out on here.

To have your recipe built and added to the library, use this Google Form :

If you have your own recipe that you think the Community should be cooking, use this thread to share cooking instructions and images : BYOR : Build Your Own Recipe

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The winter is here and so is the craving to have different recipes of hot soups every evening. I’ve submitted a few requests for my favourite soups:

  1. Mulligatawny Soup
  2. Pumpkin and Corn Shorba
  3. Beetroot Soup
  4. Veg/Non-veg Manchow Soup

Hoping to prepare one or more of these on my upliance soon. :crossed_fingers:

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I need more chicken gravy recipes (low cal preferably). Andhra recipes are too good.

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  1. Russian salad
  2. Tamarind rice
  3. Tamarind poha
  4. Momos
  5. Honey chilli potato
  6. Paneer tika
  7. Paneer bhuna masala
  8. Fruit salad with cream
  9. Paneer from milk
  10. Almond milk
  11. Orange juice
  12. Orissa daal maah
  13. Instant powders- rasam, chutney podi
  14. Mac and cheese
  15. Bread, pav. With whole wheat flour.
  16. Carrot cake
  17. Suji cake

Recipe for Thalassery/ Malabar chicken Biriyani. Since it’s a dum Biriyani, maybe rice and chicken masala can be made separately on Upliance and then assembled on stovetop/oven.

I am still waiting for the Delishup to reach.

You guys write recipes required here.

I will cook them up using AI’s help, try them, and compile them in a recipe book, as writing books is my forte.

As Delishup becomes more famous, the book/ebook will probably help many.

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More Quick and filling breakfasts for summers: like mango oats smoothie.
quick recipes
Instant recipes

Please add custard to the upliance device receipes