Recipe Modification Update

Here are some recipe updates based on valuable community feedback. Your input has been instrumental in enhancing our recipes. Here are the refined modifications:

  1. Dried Basil has been introduced as an alternative ingredient in all recipes that originally featured fresh basil.
  2. The Aloo Tamatar recipe has evolved, resulting in a thicker and more indulgent gravy.
  3. Bhel enthusiasts will be pleased that we have adjusted the salt levels, ensuring a perfectly balanced flavor profile.
  4. Our Cambodian Braised Pork now boasts a less watery consistency, enhancing the overall dining experience.
  5. The Navratri Chana recipe has seen a modification in the sauté spices step, enhancing the aromatic and flavorful aspects.
  6. The Chapati Dough now promises better consistency, ensuring an effortless and enjoyable cooking process.
  7. Similarly, the Kasoori Methi Dough has also been perfected for a more consistent and delightful cooking experience.
  8. For lovers of Thalipeeth, the dough has been fine-tuned to achieve an improved consistency, elevating the quality of the final dish.

We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to continually enhancing your culinary journey with our recipes. Happy cooking!