Purchase additional accessories for your upliance

The upliance comes with several accessories when you bring it home. These help you cook your favourite recipes - the blade cover that helps keeping tender pieces of paneer or meat whole or the measuring spoons that help you keep your recipes taste on point.

Here’s the list of accessories which come with your upliance:

1. Blade Cover: The blade cover helps you cover the sharp blade on the upliance while you’re cooking something soft and delicate (Like Paneer or Tofu) and can help you retain the shapes and edges, for example if you want the cubes whole.

2. Measuring Spoons: Precision is key in the world of smart cooking, and our Measuring Spoons are here to ensure you get it just right. You are no longer measuring by a pinch or a dash, or figuring out what’s a teaspoon and what’s a tablespoon. They come as a bundle of Small, Medium, and Large making it simple for you to work with our recipes.

3. Crown: The multipurpose Crown that sits on the lid of the upliance acts both as a cover to either trap steam in or let it out, it can also double up as a weighing or measuring cup.

4. Weighing Scale Slab: Comes with a magnetic base that sits on your upliance. We’ve made it removable, so it’s easy to clean and use daily.

5. Spatula: Don’t worry! this spatula we provide is not for you to stand and stir your food. upliance will do that work for you! The spatula is used to scrape the sides of the Jar after the chopping steps and makes it easier for you to empty the Jar.

If you need to upgrade your accessories or replace them, you can easily purchase them using this link: Accessories – upliance.ai

Happy cooking and accessorising!

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The accessories page seems to be broken.

Looks like the link broke, We’ve updated it now you can try again. :grinning:(Pay for upliance Accessories by upliance.ai)