Presets - Save your steps!

Presets are a great way to start customizing and creating your own meals on the upliance

A quick video for how to find and use the feature:

Accessing Presets

Presets can be found inside the Manual Mode. A quick explainer of the manual mode is here

Open by tapping the “Presets” button

There are two kinds of presets:

Default Presets

Default presets are available to you out of the box. They include common cooking functions used often, which you can quickly access.

Tapping on any of them will open Manual Mode with the settings populated, so you can just press “START” to get cooking.

Example : Tapping on “Keep Warm” in the “Default Presets” section will show:

My Presets

My Presets lists all the presets created by you!

Creating your own Presets

You can create your own Presets by simply saving any instruction you create on the Manual Mode.

First, start by populating instructions in the manual mode

You can also add multiple instructions if you want them to run one after the other.

Finally, tap on “SAVE” on the top right corner of the screen to save your preset.

Give a creative name for your preset, press “SAVE” and you are done!

You can also easily modify the preset by selecting the preset, changing the instructions and hitting on “SAVE” again. It will prompt you with modification options in this scenario.

This is our first step towards building a full-fledged “Recipe Builder”, so tell us what recipes you’ve been cooking using the Presets. Or are there ones you’ve built that everyone else should be trying?

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