Pav Bhaji on upliance

Pav Bhaji is a popular street food in India. Many people associate it with vibrant street markets and bustling food stalls, making it a beloved treat.

The bhaji is made from a variety of vegetables, and getting the right balance and texture for each can be challenging. With upliance all you have to do is add the veggies to the Jar and let upliance do all the blending, chopping mashing for you.

It can be enjoyed as a hearty meal or a snack, for breakfast or dinner, and at casual get-togethers or festive occasions. It offers an explosion of flavours, blending the spiciness of spices. creating a harmonious and unforgettable taste.

We also offer a variety of Pav Bhajis: Hariyali Pav Bhaji with Spinach, Mumbai Street Style Bhaji with lots and lots of butter, and a Jain variant so no one needs to miss out. We recommend trying our spiced Pav roast so you can get the complete uplianceexperience.

If you haven’t tried this recipe, try it today! Below are some pictures of the ’Pav Bhaji’ made in our owners’ homes.