Making Momos using Manual Mode

Momos are far more popular than I expected. Sure, you see carts everywhere, there are multiple national fast food chains, and far too many of the frozen kind. But what surprised me is the number of people who want to make it home. If there are 1001 ways to eat them outside, why make it at home?

Beyond the obvious answers of health, quality and control, what I enjoyed while attempting this on the upliance was the variety! I could momo-fy (trademark pending) anything! Though, to ensure the sanctity of this experiment I started with a cabbage and mushroom versions.

My next experiment will be a crunchy chocolate stuffing and I will share it next week.

This recipe makes about 15-20 momos. I will be breaking it down into 4 parts and you can use the upliance for nearly everything except to assemble the momos.

The Dough made on the upliance

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Once kneaded, rest in a bowl for a minimum of 30 minutes. This will allow the dough to hydrate thoroughly, allow the overall dough to firm up, and will offer a better texture when cooked.

The Filling

150g Cabbage - Cut into 4 pieces
100g Carrot - Cut into 4 pieces
100g Capsicum: Cut into 8 pieces
60g Onion - Cut in 4 pieces
30g spring onions - Separate the green leaves from the root. You need to hand cut the leaves - 0.25cm length

10 cloves Garlic
5g Ginger
2 Green Chillies

2 Large spoons Refined Oil
2 Large spoons Soya Sauce
1 Medium spoon Pepper
1 Small spoon Salt

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Empty into a bowl and stir in the cut Green onions while it’s still hot. Let it cool down.

Assembling the Momos

You can make up to 15-20 dough balls, depending on the size of the momos you are making. Roll the dough out to only about 4 inch diameter.

Only add 1 Large Spoon of stuffing for each momo.

I really struggled with this and watched several videos to get it right but I lack the gene. Here is a video you can use.

5 different “shapes”:

I wish you better luck and more talent! I ended up just folding them into rectangles after several attempts.

Steaming the Momos

2 ways to steam Momos : Pressure cooker and upliance

upliance Steam

Steam Momos_upliance

The momos should not be sticky when done and should look a bit transparent. You can steam them for a couple of minutes longer, since this depends on the thickness of the skin

Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker
Cooker Tray

Add about an inch of water to your pressure cooker. Place the trivet inside the cooker.
Grease the Cooking tray and place your momos inside them. I managed about 8 momos in my 15L Pressure cooker.
Close the lid. Do NOT use the whistle/weight for steaming.

Let it steam for about 10 minutes. Check for done-ness based on transparency and stickiness.

I also made a Momo Chutney using [this recipe.]

If you do try this recipe or make your own version, share it with us. And if you manage to make yours look like momos, please tag me! I will need you to teach me the pretty folding techniques.