Kadai Paneer on upliance

Kadai Paneer has always been a “restaurant” dish and not something you make at home. An easy alternative to Butter Paneer, with a little more heat and kick.

upliance Kadai Paneer is a real treat. It takes a total of 41 minutes to cook with minimal effort. And the best part is you cook with easy-to-find ingredients, so no extra groceries for a restaurant-quality dish at home.

You need paneer, tomatoes, onions, besan flour, and some basic spices like salt, Kasoori methi, turmeric, and Kashmiri mirch to cook Kadai Paneer. We recommend Kashmiri mirch over regular chili powder so you still get the red colour you see in restaurants and the green chillis add some heat to the recipes.

There are 2 things we do differently in our recipe:

  1. We marinate the paneer in spices for about 15 minutes while the tomatoes and onions are chopped and cooked.
  2. We make a besan slurry (Besan + Water paste) which thickens the gravy and also adds a nutty taste to it. In restaurants they traditionally use cornflour, but we have swapped it out for an easy-to-find option.

Kadai Paneer pairs perfectly with naan or roti, as well as with rice. This versatility means it can be enjoyed for both lunch and dinner. If you are feeling adventurous, we recommend turning this into a roll by adding some onions, a bit of chaat powder, or lime and rolling all of this into a roti.

Below are some pictures of the many Kadai Paneers made in our owner’s homes. If you’ve made it, tell us what worked for you.