Just got Delish Up - here are features required (after first use)

  1. Jar needs a handle. picking it up with two hands is not an issue, but when you need to scrape the gravy left at the bottom with the spatula while pouring it out with one hand, the jar is too heavy to hold with the other hand only. So a handle to hold the jar with one hand as an accessory should be invented.

  2. Rinsing needs to be perfected. Even with deep cleaning, it is not cleaning properly.

  3. The tablet needs some kind of transparent cover as we have for mobiles and tablets. Water and gravy droplets are falling on it, which will spoil it in long usage. Also, there is an issue with using wet hands to touch the tablet.

Maybe you can sell the film as an accessory unless the tablet already has a thin transparent film cover.

I created Palak paneer and did not have any tomatoes, so I modified using tomato sauce, and still, the gravy came out splendidly. As I cook every day, I believe I can modify the recipes on the go.

It takes a lot of time, but at least I do not have to work and sweat for it.

Overall a great product. I will surely try all the recipes and then create a recipe book of new and modified recipes.

I still have to explore the tablet features, but this product is money well spent.

Everyone be cautious with the blade, it is very sharp, I just cut my thumb with it while cleaning.

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