Community guidelines: Read before your start using community

Who are we?
It all started with a simple idea—how can we:

  • Cook for a family of four during a global pandemic?
  • Empower individuals to take charge of their food choices?
  • Create restaurant-style dishes in the comfort of your home?

This is where upliance comes into the picture. Founded by Mahek Mody, formerly of Ather Energy, and Mohit Sharma, previously with Chaayos, resides at the crossroads of smart, connected devices, and everyday living.

upliance aside, what else you should be sharing

  • No Secret Recipes! If you’re cooking something amazing, share it – no culinary secrets here!
  • Snap & Share: Pictures or it didn’t happen! Capture your kitchen adventures and let us drool.
  • Midnight Munchies Welcome: Late-night snacking is not just accepted, it’s a celebrated art form.
  • Recipe Remix: Feel free to twist, tweak, and make recipes your own and tell us how it turned out.
  • Grocery Guffaws: Share your comical grocery shopping blunders. Did you accidentally buy a lifetime supply of garlic?
  • Confession Chronicles: Confess your love for that guilty pleasure snack you indulge in when nobody’s watching.

Some rules

1. Keep it Relevant
Our community is all about upliance, appliances and food. Let’s refrain from spam, self-promotion, or discussing unrelated brands and services. Please don’t send unsolicited private messages for promotional purposes. Failure to abide by these rules may lead to account suspension and post removal.

2. Respect and Mindfulness
In the spirit of creating a welcoming space, we have a zero-tolerance policy for offensive, defamatory, or discriminatory content. Let’s use common sense when posting.

3. Search First
Before starting a new discussion, try using our search feature to find existing answers. Duplicate topics make it harder for everyone to find what they’re looking for.

4. Seek Help Publicly
Rather than sending private messages, we encourage you to create a new thread in the appropriate forum to ask for help.

5. Keep it Civil
Respectful and courteous interactions are the norm here. Healthy debates and differing opinions are encouraged, but please refrain from personal attacks or any behavior that detracts from the quality of our community. Everyone, regardless of their status, is expected to follow this guideline.

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