Chennai-Style Sambar with Additional Vegetables

Enhancing Chennai-Style Sambar with Additional Vegetables:
Our current recipe includes tomatoes, small brinjal, and drumstick, but you can customise on the upliance. Following are the few steps for enhancing Chennai-style sambar with additional vegetables:

  • Follow the instructions for dal preparation in the original recipe.

  • Add a pinch of salt and turmeric powder during the pressure cooking process for enhanced flavour.

  • If you want a more tangy test add more tomatoes in sambar. Or you can add Tamarind paste or pulp for the tangy flavour of sambar.

  • During the step of adding brinjal and other vegetables as per the original recipe, incorporate French beans, carrots, Potatoes, and any other vegetables of your choice. Make it more healthy, make it more home-styled.

To make it more sweet you can add pumpkin. It will taste good and will add a smooth texture to the sambar.

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