ChefGPT Explained

ChefGPT is a feature that helps you create ANY recipe. Whether it’s recreating dishes you’ve encountered in a book or a movie, attempting trending recipes, or experimenting with something new altogether, it will generate one! Along with its own AI generated recipe photo.

To create a ChefGPT recipe: Go to the home screen

1] Click on ChefGPT

2] Type the recipe name you want to create

3] Tap on Create

It can take upto 2-4 minutes to generate a recipe and it will appear in the upliance format, along with the AI preprogrammed cooking instructions.

You will find all your ChefGPT recipes under the ‘Your Creations’ section on the home screen.

A few disclaimers:

  1. These are AI generated recipes and are not always perfect. We recommend you read through the steps and instructions before you start cooking.

  2. We also recommend you use ChefGPT once you get a hang of cooking with the upliance. It will help you discern what makes a ‘good recipe’. Maybe, cook about 4-5 recipes before you start making your own.

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