Chapati dough on upliance

If you have been buying frozen rotis or avoiding them altogether because you don’t want to spend any time kneading dough. We have you covered! Soft dough in under 3 minutes!

For this soft and fluffy rotis, the dough should be soft, pliable, and non-sticky. Balancing the right amount of water with the flour can take some practice and sometimes a lot of do overs.

With the help of a weighing scale you’ll achieve the perfect amount that is needed to make chapati dough, consistently soft and pliable. And with the blades doubling up to slow-stir and knead, you can start making rotis that your mom would be proud of.

You can also use the recipe to make flavoured doughs - add ajwain, Methi and even some spices to change your rotis everyday.

Below are some pictures of the ’Chapati Dough’ made at our owner’s homes.

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