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It’s time to grab your best hunting gear because we’ve got some bugs to hunt! That’s right. It’s time we get rid of those pesky bugs once and for all! :mosquito:

If you find a unique bug/issue, then drop a post here along with a screenshot or image and we’ll get to eliminating the problem!

While utilizing the appliance this morning, I encountered an issue during the final step of the cooking process. Unfortunately, my internet connection experienced fluctuations at that moment, causing the appliance to lose connectivity. Consequently, the cooking process abruptly halted, and I received an error message indicating the inability to connect.

One of the key selling points of the Upliance appliance is its promise of uninterrupted cooking without the need for user intervention. However, this incident highlighted a significant drawback. Instead of gracefully handling the connectivity issue, the appliance ceased operation entirely, requiring manual intervention to resolve the situation.

In such scenarios, I believe the appliance should have continued with the cooking process, albeit with a notification indicating the lack of internet connectivity. Additionally, it would be beneficial to provide users with the option to switch to an alternative router if available, rather than necessitating a complete interruption.

To address this issue and enhance the user experience, I suggest implementing the following improvements:

  1. Enable the appliance to continue cooking in offline mode if it detects internet connectivity issues, with a notification to the user.
  2. Introduce an option within the appliance interface to manually select an alternative router in case of internet fluctuations while the cooking process continues.
  3. Ensure that the cooking process can seamlessly resume from the point of any interruption without requiring users to repeat steps or exit the application.

Thank you for considering my feedback. I look forward to seeing improvements in future updates of the Upliance appliance.

Hi @S_K ,

Few clarifications:

  1. The upliance will continue to cook when there is no wifi if you have started cooking a recipe already. We need wifi to open the recipe, but wifi is not necessary to cook once you are inside a recipe
  2. In case of interruptions such as power cuts, the upliance will let you resume from where you stopped.

However, you are right in pointing out that there are still scenarios where interruptions occur - but these are not strictly due to fluctuations of wifi.
We are noticing that sometimes, based on nearby network enabled devices and state of wifi, the upliance experiences interruptions and it needs user intervention to resume. Currently, these seem to be occurring slightly randomly, and we are actively working on root-causing this and building a fix.

This issue seem to occur less when you are connected 5GHz wifi, so as a temporary fix we are asking everyone to connect to a 5GHz network if available, while we find a fix and push out an update to your upliance.

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This morning, after the latest upgrade, the device started throwing a retry error, and the jar sensor warning went into a loop for at least 30 minutes. After a couple of refreshes, it seems to be alright, however, can you please investigate the issue? WhatsApp Video 2024-02-22 at 06.22.21.mp4 - Google Drive

Will check. Thanks for reporting. Meanwhile, could you connect to a 5GHz wifi network if possible? Sometimes, 2.4GHz wifi causes some issues - something we are working on to fix.

It auto paused while deep cleaning, even though I am using 5GHz wifi.

Pressed resume again and then it worked smoothly.