Blade Speeds Explained

Your upliance can double up as a food processor. Different blade speeds correspond to different cuts - the higher the speed, the finer the cut.

We recommend you set the time for no more than 10 seconds for each of these and increase them by increments of 5 seconds if need be. This “pulsing” will give you more control and you can play around to get the result you want.

1] Speed 1-2 is for mixing. with the low speed of the blade, you can mix up all the veggies.

2]Speed 3-5 is for chunky cuts. if you want your veggies to be a bit chunky way this speed of the blade is perfect for that.

3] Speed 6-7 At this speed the blade will move faster. this speed of the blade is good for fine chopping and dicing.

4] ** Speed 8-9 ** This speed of the blade is for grating the food.
![Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 3.26.50 PM|347x509]

5] Speed 10-12 is great for mincing and grinding.

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