Aloo Matar on upliance

Aloo Matar Sabzi, also known as Potato and Peas Curry, is a classic and beloved North Indian vegetarian dish.

It’s a simple yet flavourful dish that combines the taste of potatoes, with the sweet and fresh flavour of green peas, all cooked in a spiced tomato-based gravy.

If you have potatoes, tomatoes, peas, and some basic spices like salt, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, oil, Kashmiri mirch, and hing, then you are sorted!

upliance chops and boils the potatoes, cooks and emulsifies the tomato gravy, so there is hardly any work for you to do. For 5 minutes spent in the kitchen, you get a fantastic curry that you can eat with rotis and rice.

If you are homesick, this one recipe is the best to kick your homesickness away.

If you want to try something easy and tasty, Try this dish today. If you’ve made it, tell us what worked for you.