Software Updates

This is the changelog for all the over-the-air updates done on the upliance - new feature additions, improvements and bug fixes.

UI version 2.5 is released with the following changes:

Introducing Favourites
Now you can mark recipes as “favourite” to find them easily later! More details on how to use the feature: How to Favourite Recipes ❤️

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue with showing serving size inconsistency while browsing recipes
  • Fixed mini player showing wrong time sometimes

UI Version 2.6 is released with the following changes

  • Crown on/off instructions are now shown at regular intervals when step is running
  • Fixed allergens filter, “what’s in my fridge” not working
  • Some performance improvements
  • Fixed some UI crashes and communication issues

Mobile app (

  • Ingredients are now grouped as per steps, prep and alternate names can be accessed on tap of ingredient
  • Copy ingredients is now a more prominent button

UI version 2.8 was released on (6 Dec 2023), with the following changes:

  • Search has been improved: filters show more relevant results, performance should be better
  • Any new recipes are automatically fetched when you go to home screen without needing a refresh
  • ChefGPT created recipes will now show under “ChefGPT Generated” category
  • Fixed manual mode showing incorrect timer some times
  • Removed the white dots on the timer for recipes which indicated multiple instructions, this also fixes some recipes having timers going out of the screen

UI Version 2.9 was released on 6 Dec 2023 with the following changes:

  • The screen now sleeps after 5 mins of inactivity once the device is powered off after cooking is done
  • Favourites are now updated live on the screen (even when added on mobile) without needing to refresh

Mobile app (

  • Search has been enhanced - better keyword search, improved filters

UI version 2.91 was released on 26 Dec 2023 with the following changes:

  1. Fixed bug which caused incorrect recipes to be opened from mini-player
  2. Fixed mini-player disappearing sometimes
  3. “Skip it” button in the “skip substep” popup has been renamed to START
  4. On
    1. Fixed nutritional value changing if serving size was changed